Flow State Protocol™


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Flow State Protocol™

A program designed to stimulate brain function through brain-body integration. Many will experience the “true” parasympathetic state for the first time. The nervous system in a state of deep relaxation and recovery. Dr. Ram’s Flow State Protocol™ is at the forefront of Flow State Innovation

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Vivid Collaborator

The Neuroscience of Creative Thinking | About My Brain Institute | Vivid Sydney 2016

The Neuroscience of Creative Thinking | About My Brain Institute | Vivid Sydney 2016

'The evolution of humankind has been hijacked by the brain.
The education system mines the human brain
for resources relevant to industry.
By the time our children leave schools,
they have become chronic thinkers.
Disconnected from our bodies,
we have lost our visceral intelligence'
The Lost Intelligence ~ Dr. Kaushik Ram

Watch Talk | Vivid 2015

The Paradox –  A culture of convenience has reduced homo sapiens to self-induced Captivity. Although we are the keystone species of our planet, we are becoming rapidly endangered. There are only a handful of us left in the wild. What cost is this having on our body and our brain?

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What Clients Are Saying


  • I was expecting a boring academic talk. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Phil Minns | Deputy Commissioner | NSW Government

  • Sedentarism and long hours in front of a computer is limiting our ability to operate effectively. Combining a deep understanding of how the brain works and how the body operates from a movement perspective, Dr. Ram was able to engage our team at About My Brain in a fun and informative manner.

    Silvia Damiano, CEO | About My Brain Institute

  • Highly Recommended! Dr. Ram provided stress management and effective movement practices that couldn’t have been any better for myself and our staffs wellbeing.

    Dwayne Martens, CEO | Amazonia

  • I was privileged to be at your talk today. I was so intrigued, I just googled you and I have to express my respect for your authenticity and humility…really feeling so much right now. Such a life of substance. Your mother must be so proud of you

    Skye Hope | Public talk.

One on One Sessions

  • An hour with Kaushik was full of insight, emotion, self discovery, laughter and an angel card (?) That some how hit the nail on the head every time. His warm and completely trusting manner encouraged an exploration of self so basic but so deep that I left each session in a state of wonder about what just happened. I can appreciate each session as individual, and mine felt just like that. I was reduced to tears when I  discovered a part of myself that was really challenging to look at and that I’m great at covering up. I’m intrigued by the simplicity of the process and highly recommend it to anyone open to discovering deeper self love.

    Sarah Reevsie | Midwife

  • From 2004, my business partner and I entered into the realm of entrepreneurism (the unknown). Because of the passion we had for the product/service and the trust of our gut instinct we were able to make our dream a reality. But 5yrs ago I’d felt I was missing something and needed to confirm if my gut was being true to me or if I was true to it. Since then I’ve never looked back. But sometimes we tend to get lost whilst on the journey but loosing the way can also be a blessing. Thank you Dr. Ram for letting me experience the Flow Sate Protocol.

    Julio Chaves, Executive Director | College of Sports and Fitness

  • Incredible workshops to explore and learn more about your mind and body. Dr. Ram introduces you to experiencing movement in a way prior to becoming disconnected with the very vehicle that houses our souls. Moving fluidly, naturally and organically feels absolutely amazing! I am very excited in continuing the practise of these techniques for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Magnolia Sithibourn, Dialysis Technician | Melbourne Health

  • Getting back to the core of mobility and movement by retraining with Dr. Ram on how to approach movement and breath has given my body more freedom and release from the build up of physical tension that comes from sitting + working in an office environment. Dr. Ram is a natural teacher with a calming + magnificent presence.

    Inbal Ross, Lawyer, IP Australia | Australian Government

  • Dr. Ram’s Flow state training liberated by body in ways I’ve never known. He has shown me that I can constantly push my limitations without risk of injury or harm and has provided tools that I will use for the rest of my life.

    Daniel Koch, CEO | GrowSpace

  • No this isn’t a game of blindfolded Hide and Seek. Learning a lot from Dr. Ram about the body and movement.

    Kristian Fanene Schmidt, Host | MTV Australia.

  • Dr. Ram has a mysterious ability to understand his clients in a deep and profound manner. His methods are truly channeled from a place of greater wisdom. My personal experience with him is one filled with paradigm shifts, deep personal healing and a sense of self understanding. Meeting Dr. Ram has guided and shaped my journey in embracing my own leadership. His experience in neuroscience, coaching, community development and leadership skills makes him powerful and highly sought after in a wide range of industries.

    Sacha Damiano, HR/Client relations consultant | About my Brain Institute

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Research and development of the Flow State Protocol™

Autonomic Nervous System

The communication between brain and body is known as vagal tone. Sustaining high vagal tone improves autonomic function and dissolves the conflict between the heart and the mind.

Implicit Intelligence

Multimodal approach to body cognition allowing you to accesses every moment that has lead to what you are doing right NOW!

Flow State

Our bodies crave Flow. The visceral experience, where we move in perfect harmony with the moment. This synergy between brain and body allows us to embody this intelligence.


Hybrid programs using commercially available HRV and neurofeedback tools to assist with brain-body integration.

Education & Implementation

  • Tools to alleviate disease from lack of brain-body harmony.
  • Simple yet effective techniques for stress management
  • Relieve hypertonicity – tension held by the CNS
  • Elevation of brain function through brain-body coherence 

Kaushik Ram, PhD

Neuroscientist, Author and Speaker
Neuroscientist and pioneer of the Flow State Protocol™. As part of his PhD at the University of Sydney, he used MRI and mathematical models to detect how much of the brain architecture can be subjected to adaptation. Dr Ram teaches people how to achieve cognitive flexibility to enhance intelligence, thrive in uncertainty, and produce more creative insights.
Phone: +6143 1093 108
Address: Bondi Beach, Sydney, 2026, NSW, Australia
Email: kaushik.ram@sydney.edu.au
Flow State Characteristics

Effortless – There is no resistance in what you are doing. It happens naturally.
Automatic – Action and Awareness merge and the element of thought is removed.
Peak creativity  –  you gain access to an intelligence far beyond your our cognitive threshold.
Intrinsic motivation – there is great joy in what you do, so what produces flow becomes its own reward.
Timelessness – your Full, Undivided attention is on what we do, Hours vanish in minute when you do what you love