Keynote Speaker

Kaushik Ram, PhD

“Our Bodies Crave Flow.
The visceral experience where,
we move in perfect harmony with the moment.”


Everything that we do is potentially enjoyable. Yet, in the absence of brain-body harmony a conflict arises. This incongruence is seen in the difference between what we think, say and do. For many, this conflict means they seldom know what they want. This leads to frustration in planing and make sense of decisions.

The communication between brain and body can be measured using heart rate variability (HRV) and is known as vagal tone. This visceral intelligence is responsive to this moment, compared to the cognitively slower – strategic thinking. This real-time cognitive flexibility is known as implicit intelligence. Sustaining high vagal tone gives rise to the intelligence of this moment.

Find out why our best ideas arrive precisely when we least expect it – perhaps when we are in the shower or taking a quite walk. In Dr. Ram’s fascinating talks – discover how to heighten your vagal tone and enjoy the invaluable benefits of Flow.

Presentation Topics
Key Points
Presentation Topics

Kaushik Delivers Thought provoking and Unforgettable talks on:

Key Points

Career Experience:

  • Five years experience developing brain training technology
  • Five years experience in mental health and wellbeing research
  • Neuroimaging specialist at Westmead Hospital
  • Neuro-Leadership expert for About My Brain Institute

Key Milestones at leading Conferences and Conventions

  • Speaking at Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia since 2010
  • Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research (ASPR), Dunedin, New Zealand, 2011
  • Human Brain Mapping Conference, Seattle, USA, 2013
  • i4 Live Leadership Conference, Queensland, Australia 2015
  • Vivid Ideas at Vivid Sydney, 2015
  • Vivid Ideas at Vivid Sydney, 2016
  • NSW Government, 2016

  • Vivid Sydney, 2015

  • Vivid Sydney, 2016

Past talks

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“Movements can be as eloquent as words.”

– Isadora Duncan

Flow State Characteristics

Effortless – There is no resistance in what you are doing. It happens naturally.
Automatic – Action and Awareness merge and the element of thought is removed.
Peak creativity  –  you gain access to an intelligence far beyond your our cognitive threshold.
Intrinsic motivation – there is great joy in what you do, so what produces flow becomes its own reward.
Timelessness – your Full, Undivided attention is on what we do, Hours vanish in minute when you do what you love