Exclusive Mentorship

Kaushik Ram, PhD

“To honour the body
is like falling in love.
You suddenly feel
young again.”

Flow State Mentorship

Training Kurt Tippett from Sydney Swans, AFL Team.
Training Kurt Tippett from Sydney Swans, AFL Team.
In my path of service, I have witnessed countless sessions where the client experiences the parasympathetic state for the first time. So often the body fights against the lack of harmony while we stick to behaviors that we have known all our lives. 
At the client’s own will, I push them in the direction of their freedom until there is nothing left to impede their movement. Ending the intoxicating affair we have with our minds.
The Flow State Program is designed to establish a consistent foundation for everlasting learning. The program offers a safe space to go deep into the blocks of the mind. Beyond this, creativity is flowing and play itself is the reward.


From a good beginning, all else Flows.
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4 Week Program Structure

Course Modules

Performance Efficiency
Body Intelligence
Mobility Protocol
Movement Complexity
Performance Efficiency

Improve the quality of your Movement and Brain functions:

  • Rare breath and relaxation techniques
  • Prevention of injury through efficiency
  • Techniques to heal the body through movement
  • Movement is immediately available, no rest-day or warm up required
  • Refined program for stress management
Body Intelligence

Development of Body Intelligence

  • Body recognition and mapping
  • Playful exploration of human instinct
  • Multi-sensory and sensory-deprivation exercises
  • Applying intuition to problem solving
  • Psychological movement puzzles
  • Schema enrichment
  • Fear conditioning and ability to work under pressure
Mobility Protocol

Preparation of the body for movement

  • Overview of 5 main approaches to stretching
  • Whole body strength and stability
  • Alleviation of hyper-tonicity – tension held by the CNS
  • Unlock full range of motion
  • Treatment for habitual pain resulting from sedentary lifestyle
  • Advanced Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)
Movement Complexity

Discover the joy in your freedom of movement

  • Introduction of movement vocabulary
  • Development of locomotion patterns
  • Movement sequencing
  • Closed circuit Flow
  • Movements designed to stimulate cognitive functions

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“A man possess nothing certainly, save a brief loan of his own body.”

– J. B. Cabell

Flow State Characteristics

Effortless – There is no resistance in what you are doing. It happens naturally.
Automatic – Action and Awareness merge and the element of thought is removed.
Peak creativity  –  you gain access to an intelligence far beyond your our cognitive threshold.
Intrinsic motivation – there is great joy in what you do, so what produces flow becomes its own reward.
Timelessness – your Full, Undivided attention is on what we do, Hours vanish in minute when you do what you love